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This is more than your average challenge. You deserve better. If you've struggled in the past to hit your goals, or just if you're ready to be the role model you want to be, in the body you want to have, with the mindset you need with a bunch of like-minded people, and become a Warrior, enter your details below.  Details are:

  • STARTS Monday 5th March
  • 6 weeks of unlimited access to all Small Group Life Performance classes 6 days a week 
  • Nutritional advice personalised to suit you.
  • Goal setting specific to you and a personal plan to reach it
  • A detailed health and fitness screening
  • An amazing event at the end of the challenge for all Warriors
  • Access to a private group for info, support and accountability. 
  • INVESTMENT: $348 OR Weekly installment of $65. **First 5 people get to bring a friend for 50% total price. 
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Here's what some of our ladies say!

"After many failed attempts at "joining the gym" I decided to give Cornerstone a go. I joined to feel better about myself again and to find my inner happiness. I have discovered my confidence again. I love that at Cornerstone you are not just another member you are part of the family. No matter your fitness level. The team will always encourage you to test your limits to ensure you're achieving what you set out to achieve."

- Krystal. 

"Thankfully, a friend introduced me to Cornerstone. I was struggling with prioritising my own health and fitness  and knew I needed to find a better balance, particularly working in a trauma based sector. For a long time I had tried different facilities but felt overlooked , uncomfortable and disappointed. At Cornerstone I have found a real connection and relationship with the super staff and welcoming tribe of like-minded motivated people. That connection has proven to be more than a sense of belonging, it is true accountability. To show up regularly, to participate and try new things, to strive, to be goal focused and to achieve fitness outcomes big and small.  With support and encouragement my mindset shifted and am rewarded with amazing benefits in health and well-being.

Recently, I was absent for 4 days.  Mike text me to check things were ok. That kind of individual support is a fundamental of Cornerstone. You cannot fail to benefit from being part of this movement, they won’t let you. I am excited to continue my journey with the Cornerstone tribe. "

- Chanel

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And the blokes..

Meet Anthony. He works a really stressful job, manages a lot of people and has 2 great kids. 

"I started to be a better, healthier, fitter me, a better Dad, a better husband and to see what I could achieve for me. I’m over the moon with the improvements I’ve made in just 3 months.

I have much more energy and my mental clarity is far greater. I am getting more out of life. I feel fit and strong and my kids think I’m awesome.  How good is that!

I can’t express strongly enough how much I enjoy my sessions at Cornerstone. The team are great coaches who know what works. More importantly they are great humans. Good humans attract good humans, Cornerstone is full of good people.

What would you say to a person like you to get them to make a change? Do It!  I can’t believe it took me so long. Make a little time for yourself and see and feel the benefits.  I absolutely love it."

Dan - "The only gym I've ever actually liked. It's not just pumping iron and jumping on treadmills. Cornerstone give you guidance and support on nutrition, mindset and mobility as well. The best bit is the non-judgmental and supportive family that Sam and Mike have built. While I've still got a lot of work to reach all of my goals, I'm much closer than I would be if I was a member at an average gym."

We're looking for 10 men & women like you committed to: 

  • Training a minimum 3-4 times per week for 6 weeks
  • Losing 4-8kg of fat FAST, 
  • Adding muscle
  • Changing your mindset
  • and getting back the endurance, strength, flexibility and physique you had in your 20’s … 

We bet you hate complicated systems that don’t integrate into your family life and the last thing you want is to completely give up the things you love. That’s why we have kept things simple just for you. 



  • Unlimited classes with flexible timetable
  • Personalised coaching 
  • Nutritional plan that suits you
  • A detailed health and fitness screening including body composition scanning 
  • Personalised Support to keep you motivated and on track
  • Space for you to bring your kids while you train



Places are limited.

Why Us?

  • “Just a gym” this is not. It is a transformational place in all the ways this community values.
  • We welcome all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Every session can be scaled to suit your experience and fitness level.
  • We use a variety of training styles to ensure we continually challenge you and keep you interested. No treadmills in sight!
  • We have an amazing supportive community.
  • We have a dam good time doing it. 
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