Life Performance

Life Performance classes are exactly what the words mean, to be able to perform better in everyday life. We have found a close knit squad of around 8 athletes per class is the best way to get the results you want. This will do 2 things:

1. More individual support and individualization. We love seeing progression in movement quality and body awareness, not just getting the work done but getting it done better and better.

2. You have the support of a group of people who want you to succeed and will inspire you to do an extra few reps, focus a little harder and share a smile when the work is done.

Cornerstone sessions are delivered to continue to work across our foundations of Mobility, Skill, Force and Endurance progressing you towards BETTER in each area. This group structure is much more effective than 1-1 training in the long-term but still gives you that individual attention to accelerate your progress.


All sessions involve various forms of stretching, activation and build strength across your full range of motion.  We will work around your specific needs and can be included in a program to ensure you continue to build on the strong foundations built during these sessions.

The aim of this is to work specifically on your mobility restrictions, support any rehab you need to be doing and ultimately reduce the amount of times you have to see your physio / osteo / chiro / doctor. 


Although all aspects will be covered in our Life Performance classes, we offer specialty classes for members to do specific training to accelerate their progress in that area. This includes Strength, Strongman, Gymnastics, Olympic lifting and Endurance.

Open Gym

The gym will be open at specific times most days for you to come in and work on whatever you want. This time will be generally unsupervised, but coaches will be around to provide support if required.

Youth Development

One of the reasons we started Cornerstone, and have created our Youth Development Program is to give your kids the best chance to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. This program is developed by a qualified strength and conditioning coach around skill acquisition and building a strong base. These same principles are proven and being used in elite strength and conditioning programs.

Let us help build a strong foundation from which your kids can then excel and reach their potential.

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We offer competitive pricing for private training, semi-private training and group training. We also offer training programs and facilities for athletes, schools and teams.

We are 100% committed to you and your results but require your committed to yourself. Call or email us today about how we can help you achieve, the mind, body and lifestyle you want. 

Note: We offer a 10% discount to students and 15% for families of 2 or more.