• Because you want help building and prioritising your health and happiness, and our mission is to personally 

  • Personalised movement, nutrition and mindset coaching plus Unlimited training sessions for the price of a PT session

  • To be part of a like minded community

  • To find your health & happiness. 


"A must do life changer"

"I love the varying workouts every day and how its structured. Love incorporating all aspects of life into the gym"

"I have found my love for training again"

"Monumental improvements in my mental well being. My depression has almost been non-existent since I started here. Thank you. 

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Start your journey on January 15

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What's included:

Some of this might be a little confronting and challenging, but without massive action, massive results will not follow. We cannot let you continue to do what you have done before and expect to see the changes you want to see.

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Community & Support

Remember the show 'Cheers'? It's nice to go to a place where everyone knows your name. From the beginning, we get to know you, and you get to know us all. We like to get an idea of where you are at with ALL aspects of your life. We take things to the next level and really get to know you. This is also a time where you get to know everyone else. We then walk you through some techniques for defining your purpose, setting some goals and set our expectations and intentions to ensure your success. 

Unlimited group training at Cornerstone

We continually work with you closely throughout the program to teach you how to move, and ensure anyone with injuries is catered for. This all helps use gauge your progress and make sure we are on track for achieving your goals. 

Personalised Nutrition plus a Mindset & Movement Manuals

Increased specifics around your nutrition and accountability, individualised goal setting and life assessemnt and we have outlined the best material we have on each of the above topics to give you a comprehensive look into each subject.

Weekly emails & Challenges to keep you on track 

We send weekly emails and set challenges to keep you on track and provide you with a bunch of tools to help you on your journey. 

Workshops & Presentations to give you

Humans and health are very complex, and we aren’t going to pretend to know it all. That’s why we hold weekly workshops and presentations where we invite some of the most knowledgeable people around to talk to you in depth about nutrition, mindset, movement & mobility, your finances and a variety of other topics. 

Reading material, comprehensive testing and tracking, exclusive access to the online community and much more…

We set fitness AND health baselines and undertake a movement assessment to see where you might have restrictions, we provide extra reading material to maximise your potential shift.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee that if you participate in our system without achieving big improvements in movement quality, strength and body composition, we will refund the entire cost you have outlaid. 


This is literally changing lives for less than $50 a week!

Why Us?

  • We aren't your typical gym. We are here to support your success
  • We welcome all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Every session can be scaled to suit your experience and fitness level.
  • We use a variety of training styles including high intensity training, circuit, boxing, strength training, strongman training... the list goes on to ensure we continually challenge you and keep you interested. There isn't a treadmill in sight!
  • We have an amazing community who are extremely supportive. 
  • We have a dam good time doing it. 

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