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The SASSY Project is about empowering young women, challenging them on their ideals and helping them navigate what can be extremely difficult teenage years. 

We are committed to sharing our own journeys to help other young girls pave the way and become strong, successful women. We want to talk to young girls because we know things can be tough, some part of their life is likely not what they want it to be and they often hide things or don't ask for help. I was exactly like this. 

We will be delivering a Half day workshop directly to teen girls right here @Cornerstone on anxiety, depression, nutrition, energy and confidence just to name a few.

Stepping through the doors can be confronting, but together we know they need help to make a change. Having positive influences and mentors as well as understanding each other's journeys will help them feel the normality they crave in this confusing world.

This is an amazing opportunity and we need your help to guide them on this first step. We want to invite your daughters, nieces, god Children and friends to participate at the 1-day "SASSY PROJECT".

This day will bring greater awareness to their life and hopefully start a journey of discovering their limitless potential. 

By the end of the weekend, they will:

  • Have a better understanding of their body and how it moves.
  • Change their MINDSET to unlock their potential
  • Have CLARITY and confidence in the path they are on
  • Feel the support of a COMMUNITY

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Sam grew up in a variety of places due to the family moving. Her parents splitting up when she was young significantly impacted her world, as did the wide variety of experiences through her teen years which shaped who she is today. 

Sam did not grow up having all the things a lot of others do, but has worked tirelessly to become an energetic, inspiring and determined entrepreneur. 

Her genuine passion for meeting people and just listening to what they have to say is a rare thing in this world, and her desire to help others is second to none.  



Leslie's is a health coach and her journey has helped her grow into the woman she is proud to be. She's learned so much about her body, mind and soul through all the crazy adventures life tends to dish out and she continues to learn more and more about herself every single day!

It’s taken 12 years to really understand what optimum health and wellness is and what it feels like, so her passion is for every woman and girl to experience the level of peace, clarity, lightness, confidence and control that she has worked so hard for, in a much shorter amount of time!