Strength Program PLUS Support

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Strength Program PLUS Support


Recieve the program which has added 6kg of muscle and 20kg to Cornerstone athletes in just 6 weeks + SUPPORT. 

There is absolutely nothing worse than turning up to the gym day in, day out and not making any headway.

The most common problem with this is that we always work on our strengths and we don’t follow a program.

This program is for the beginner or intermediate athlete who is looking to gain some serious strength, but also needs to become more resilient to injury.

This package gives you the 6 week program PLUS a online support each week to discuss your progress, review your technique and form and change out movements for those more suitable. 

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This package is perfect for those looking to get strong but also need some help on technique, form and their movement.

Best results in strength gains come from frequency and consistency. Resilience to injury comes from doing a lot of work often at a moderate intensity. The best advice is always simple, so we have decided to keep things simple. This program focuses on overall athleticism, in particular the squat, deadlift, clean, push (either military or bench) and pull. The accessory work is critical, and focuses on promoting more fluid movement, more stability through the shoulder, hips and spine, and bullet-proofing the athlete. This is a similar program to what our current athletes work on, of which some have gained as much as 6kg of muscle and added +20kg to their squat in 4 weeks.

We focused on the movements critical for most people and overall athleticism. Relative strength is always important, but being able to move our bodies is essential, so if you are not adequately prepared to test on these lifts, you will be working on mobility and drills bring you up to speed.