Firstly, congratulations on taking the steps to look at this page. It tells us you want to make a change. We love that you want to be more and we’ve built a our system delivers the health and fitness that most blokes in Australia are missing out on. 

Do you feel like you don't have much time for yourself and constantly stressed about work, family, life?

Are you in the shape you want (or need) to be in to operate at 100%?

Are you happy just existing, or do you want to be more present and live your life?

We’ve made it our mission to understand the specific needs of those with stressful lives like you. We know you don't like asking, but do you need some help?

If you:

  • Played sport and were active, but since stepping away you have found it hard to get motivated for any exercise; 
  • Have some niggles and maybe a stiff back which can make it hard to do a lot of the things you enjoy; or;
  • Need to lose a few kgs (or maybe more than a few) but you mostly just want to feel and look a bit better, be a good role model for your kids and not turn out like your immobile aging parents


Cornerstone is a results based personalised training facility; meaning, we give an exceptionally high level of support to every member ensuring you achieve the physical freedom you want.

You're current reality and body is not what you want it to be.

Are you ready to build the body you've always wanted and talked about? 

Will you invest in yourself and do the work required?

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The truth about Cornerstone

With over 70% of the population overweight, 'unhealthy' is the new 'average', and 'optimal' is so far beyond our current reality that it just seems too far out of reach. 

What if we said OPTIMAL IS ACHIEVABLE? To wake up each day FEELING better, FUNCTIONING better, MOVING better, and BEING better than the previous.

Our mission is to make strength, health and happiness the norm, not the exception. To raise the bar of what's average, and help YOU realise YOUR optimal. We show up EVERY day and help YOU construct the body, mind and life you crave. It's time to stand up and take ownership of your body. Ultimate accountability. We are beyond half measures. We say all this for 1 reason.... 


YOU DESERVE to have the body and health most of Australia is missing out on. One to be proud of. One to set an example for your FAMILY, your KIDS and your friends so that you can live a longer, healthier and more fulfilled life. SO THAT YOU CAN BE THERE!


We aren't going to lie, this isn't easy, so its not going to be for everyone. Most of you might be satisfied with your body and life, with being 'average' and that's fine, keep living it. This isn't for you. 

But for some of you, your current reality is not what you want it to be. You body is not currently what you want it to be. So if that's you, it's time to make a strong decision and shift your reality. 

Now we have to tell you, it's not cheap. This isn't a $15 per week ticket to run on a treadmill after pumping bicep curls in front of the mirror. BECAUSE THIS IS PERSONAL, BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT & BECAUSE WE CAN DO IT A HELL OF A LOT BETTER! 

It's up to you to take that step. If not now, then when? When will you decide your body and health is a priority? There is no question we can deliver a stronger, fitter, faster, more mobile and resilient body than you have ever had. If you’re ready to discover the body you've wanted your entire life. enter your details below and we will arrange a call to learn more about you. 

Yours in strength,

Sam, Mike & The Cornerstone Team


We want 10 men like you committed to: 

  • Training a minimum 3-4 times per week, 
  • Losing 3-5kg of fat FAST, 
  • Adding muscle
  • and getting back the endurance, strength, flexibility and physique you had in your 20’s … 

We bet you hate complicated systems that don’t integrate into your family life and the last thing you want is to completely give up the things you love. That’s why we have kept things simple just for you. 

Simple nutrition. Simple training. Simple results.

Brad Deadlift_Crop.jpg

You like to do your research don’t you? Here’s what our clients say about us.

"I love the varying workouts every day and how its structured. Love incorporating all aspects of life into the gym"

"I have found my love for training again"

"I love coming hear after a busy day at work to help me de-stress"

"Monumental improvements in my mental well being. My depression has almost been non-existent since I started here. Thank you. 

On-boarding includes: 

  • 4x1-on-1 sessions where we get to know your lifestyle and how you move. We set some goals and define a nutritional plan that suits you because when we know what you want and we’re making it happen, life is good. We want life to be GREAT so we’re going to make sure we know what you want and have a clear strategy how to get there. We review these regularly. 
  • 1xWeek of Unlimited classes. Our classes are designed to develop all fitness domains resulting in an incredible increase in physical preparedness and overall health to be better everyday than you were yesterday.
  • A detailed health and fitness screening to build a more complete picture of your health and fitness.
  • A 15 min physio check-up with a world class physio to assess any deficiencies, weakness and check over all those niggles.
  • The cost will 

This is the stuff that gets RESULTS.

This is the reason WHY we do what we do.

Places are limited.

Ready to discovery the body and physical freedom you never knew you could have?

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