The day will come when the only thing that MATTERS to you is your family and the time you have left with them. 

We know you want to be more and we’ve built out a simple plan to get you leaner and stronger than ever. If any of the following peaks your interest, we have something specifically for YOU. 

  • Learn to move and lift the right way to train like a beast
  • Improve flexibility so you don’t feel like the tin-man
  • Train as part of a team because you are secretly (or maybe not so secretly) ultra competitive
  • Be charging at work and home
  • See strength go through the roof and scales plumet
  • Get the wife to take a little more notice to how good your backside looks, not your paint on abs. 

we want 10 blokes to take some action. to become warriors. to take ownership. 

if one of them needs to be you, join the team for our 28 day Warrior EXPERIENCE WITH OTHER LIKE-MINDED MEN.

Starts on 16th APRIL

Cornerstone is full of guys just like YOU. They are feeling better than they have in decades, and they want you on the TEAM!

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Anthony boxing.jpg

Anthony was skeptical.. 

Anthony works a really stressful job, manages a lot of people and has 2 great kids.  

"I started to be a better, healthier, fitter me, a better Dad, a better husband and to see what I could achieve for me.

I’m over the moon with the improvements I’ve made in just 3 months.

I have much more energy and my mental clarity is far greater. I am getting more out of life. I feel fit and strong and my kids think I’m awesome.  How good is that!

I can’t express strongly enough how much I enjoy my sessions at Cornerstone. The team are great coaches who know what works. More importantly they are great humans. Good humans attract good humans, Cornerstone is full of good people.

What would you say to a person like you to get them to make a change? Do It!  I can’t believe it took me so long. Make a little time for yourself and see and feel the benefits.  I absolutely love it."

Brad Deadlift_Crop.jpg

You like to do your research don’t you? Here’s what our clients say about us.

"I love the varying workouts every day and how its structured. Love incorporating all aspects of life into the gym" - Dean

"I have found my love for training again" - Brad

"I love coming hear after a busy day at work to help me de-stress" - Grant

"Monumental improvements in my mental well being. My depression has almost been non-existent since I started here. Thank you. - Shannon

The truth about Cornerstone

We want 10 men like you committed to: 

  • Training a minimum 3-4 times per week Starting 16th April for 28 days, 
  • Losing 4-6kg of fat FAST, 
  • Adding muscle
  • Changing your mindset
  • and getting back the endurance, strength, flexibility and physique you had in your 20’s … 

We bet you hate complicated systems that don’t integrate into your family life and the last thing you want is to completely give up the things you love. That’s why we have kept things simple just for you. 

Simple nutrition. Simple training. Simple results.


The WHAT. It's pretty simple. 

  • Unlimited classes at flexible times
  • Personalised coaching in a small group
  • Nutritional guideance that suits you.
  • A detailed health and fitness screening including body composition scanning 
  • An awesome training experience with a bunch of like-minded guys.

This is the stuff that gets RESULTS.

This is the reason WHY we do what we do.

Be one of the 10 WARRIORS.

Ready to discovery the body and physical freedom you never knew you could have?

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