Does your child play too much of ONE sport?

Do they need help to EXCEL in their chosen sport?

Do they spend too much time in front of a SCREEN or sitting?

Have they LOST DESIRE to get outside and play?

Who's it for?

We are incredibly passionate about helping develop the youth of this country by educating them on healthy movement and nutrition as well as developing your child's full potential. 

We understand the challenges of your child’s strengths and weakness and how hard it is to find someone qualified to provide a program appropriate for them.

  • The Cornerstone Youth Development Program is for young athletes aged 11- 15 years. 
  • It's for kids who maybe don't move with the ease or confidence as what they could or normally would.
  • For kids who want to be more active but don't enjoy traditional sport or training

Our program will give the younger generation an opportunity to do all the things they were meant to and ensure we are developing the motor skills, body awareness, strength, stability, control and mobility they require.

What's included

  • 2x1hr Sessions  per week run during school term on Monday & Friday @ 4pm
  • Nutrition guidance & support
  • Mobility, strength and corrective exercises to do at home to improve specific weaknesses, imbalances or injuries


"I can highly recommend Cornerstone kids program to anyone thinking of enrolling their children. My son looked forward to every session. The challenges and new found skills and friendships formed are very positive on a child's well-being" - Kath


"I would like to thank both Michael & Sam for welcoming my son into the Cornerstone family during the kids program. He had such a fun time at each session and cannot wait to sign up for the next program. Thanks again Michael & Sam, you did a great job!" - Kylie


At Cornerstone, we have a huge emphasis on increasing the exposure of physical preparation training for junior athletes and educating those involved about the benefits of high performance training for long term athlete development.

We believe it is critical for the to be involved in supporting athletes through their junior sporting years, preparing them for their future dreams and helping take their careers to the highest level.

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