Path to BETTER!

The on-boarding process is essential for us to ensure we understand your goals, strengths and weaknesses, your expectations and just get to know you. We pride ourselves on creating a personalised, welcoming and supportive environment so this process is vital to ensuring quality and guide you on the most optimal path to achieve your goals. 


  • We do an FREE Discovery Session where you can come in, meet us, get an idea of what to expect, and see if it might be for you. We will then guide you as to what we believe is the most optimal and direct path to reach your goals. This might be our group training or private training. 
  • Once you understand we are the place that will deliver the results you want, you will go through our on-boarding process. This can be seen HERE. 


The on-boarding process is essential for all our clients in order for us to build a in depth profile for how you move, eat and live so that we can build a holistic picture for your training, and your life. It includes:

  • 4x1-on-1 sessions over 1-2 weeks where we really get to know you and help you set some goals, develop some habits and define a nutritional plan. This is an aspect that really sets Cornerstone apart.
  • 1 week of unlimited classes
  • Personal screening and assessment to build a more complete picture of your health and fitness.
  • All clients receive a free 15 min physio consultation with a world class physio to assess an deficiencies and weakness.



Our classes are designed to develop all fitness domains resulting in an incredible increase in physical preparedness and overall health. To be better everyday than you were yesterday. We have found a close knit squad of around 8 athletes per class is the best way to get the results you want. This will do 2 things:

1. More individual support and individualization. We love seeing progression in movement quality and body awareness, not just getting the work done but getting it done better and better.

2. You have the support of a group of people who want you to succeed and will inspire you to do an extra few reps, focus a little harder and share a smile when the work is done.

Cornerstone sessions are delivered to continue to work across our foundations of Mobility, Skill, Force and Endurance progressing you towards BETTER in each area. This group structure is much more effective than 1-1 training in the long-term but still gives you that individual attention to accelerate your progress.

private training

  • Are you getting the results you want out of your current program? Are you looking to get back into shape after a long layoff? Or are you an athlete looking to bridge the gap between yourself and other, or maybe extend it? 
  • We provide private sessions if you prefer one-on-one training. This type of training gives us the opportunity to deliver the best results for you with a personalised program that is suitable for any level.  
  • Our goal is to help you develop into a strong, mobile and diversely capable human, as well as revitalise your love and appreciation of your own health, fitness and life. 

We will provide you with the tools, but you are accountable for your dedication to achieving your results. 



In addition to our group classes, we also offer 1-on-1 training if you prefer 1-on-1 customised and individualised coaching. We will develop a specific program for you and focus specifically on your goals. 


EVERYTHING starts with nutrition because you can’t out-train or repair and build with a poor diet. For new members we ask you to provide a food diary as part of the on-boarding program so that we can make suggestions about possible improvements. We will also provide information and programs to help you best prepare for workouts as well as recover. 


We recognise healthy habits start at a very early age. We encourage teens (13-17) to come and get a great workout, learn some new skills, have some fun and meet some new friends. 

General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

These classes are highly variable, but are programmed with specific short, medium and long term goals in mind. We will practice a variety of movement, use different types of training including body weight, weight training, gymnastics, boxing, plyometric, high intensity training and various other movement practices to develop you into a mobile, powerful and diversely capable athlete and mover. Classes are capped at 10 per coach to ensure you get quality time from our coaches every session. 

They will generally include a 10-30min moderate to high intensity workout, 10-30min of technique/skill/strength work and 10-20min of movement and mobility. They are specifically programmed to ensure you progress and strengthen your weaknesses and designed for fat loss, strength and muscle gain, and significant improvements in overall fitness. 



Although all aspects will be covered in our GPP class, we offer specialty classes for athletes to do additional specific training. They will vary between Gymnastics, Olympic lifting, Endurance, Mobility, Strength or some specific technique work which will help you develop your skills and take your performance to the next level.

We have found Yoga to be a fantastic element to becoming a well-rounded athlete and person. We will look to incorporate Yoga into our schedule in the new year to help complement your workouts, improve functional mobility and most importantly improve awareness and mind-body connection

Open Gym

The gym will be open at specific times most days for you to come in and work on whatever you want. This time will be generally unsupervised, but coaches will be around to provide support if required.