WHY invest in a Corporate Wellness Program?

You have a unique opportunity as an employer to improve the health and well-being of your staff. Studies show workplace health programs lead to:

Employers saved $5.81 for every $1 invested in employee health and well-being.

WHAT we provide

Unlike many health facilities, we deliver extremely personalised training and services which delivers accountability, keeps clients on track, supports them to reach their goals & ensures everyone receives direct coaching. Our corporate programs are no different. We will WORK WITH YOU to deliver the best solution for your business. 

With our tailored programs, we can provide:

  • Complete health, physical and fitness assessments.
  • Personalised coaching, accountability and support.
  • Internal team challenges just for your employees to build a healthy environment.
  • On site training and/or access to our facility. 
  • Nutritional guidance and support
  • Mindset, stress and goal setting advice.
  • Workshops specific to your needs such as – Nutrition, posture, stress & anxiety, pain and breathing
  • Testing, tracking and reporting on all data so your employees can see improvements


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Anthony works a really stressful job, manages a lot of people and has 2 great kids. Here's what Anthony had to say about Cornerstone. 

"I started to be a better, healthier, fitter me, a better Dad, a better husband and to see what I could achieve for me. I’m over the moon with the improvements I’ve made in just 3 months.

I have much more energy and my mental clarity is far greater. I am getting more out of life. I feel fit and strong and my kids think I’m awesome.  How good is that!

I can’t express strongly enough how much I enjoy my sessions at Cornerstone. The team are great coaches who know what works. More importantly they are great humans. Good humans attract good humans, Cornerstone is full of good people.

What would you say to a person like you to get them to make a change? Do It!  I can’t believe it took me so long. Make a little time for yourself and see and feel the benefits.  I absolutely love it."

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Professional Women

After many failed attempts at "joining the gym" I decided to give Cornerstone a go. I joined to feel better about myself again and to find my inner happiness. I have discovered my confidence again. I love that at Cornerstone you are not just another member you are part of the family. No matter your fitness level. The team will always encourage you to test your limits to ensure you're achieving what you set out to achieve." - Krystal

"I love the varying workouts every day and how its structured. Love incorporating all aspects of life into the gym" - Trish

"I have found my love for training again" - Kim

"Monumental improvements in my mental well being. My depression has almost been non-existent since I started here. Thank you. - Shannon

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The problem I had was self confidence and the goal I wanted to achieve was to come off my anti depressants. 

I was super frustrated as I thought I would always have self confidence issues and there would be no way of fixing/improving how I felt. 

Cornerstone was different as they totally took interest in me not only while I was at the gym but outside the gym as well. I would turn up for a session, talk to Sam and then have a message from her when I got home with something she had found for me to either read or look into in regards to what we had spoken about that afternoon. The accountability is amazing.  

The moment I knew Cornerstone was working for me was when I had the CONFIDENCE to come off my antidepressants. I tried many times before and it resulted in me becoming worse and having to go on a higher dose, but this time I have come off and use the gym as a stress release instead of a pill. 


We have a variety of investment options as outlined below from employer pays to employee driven packages. All Corporate programs recieve our Corporate Discount. Contact us for a tailored option for you. 



Platinum Package

Employer who wants to dominate and be an Employer of Choice. 

In this package, the employer wants to fully invest in their staff and shares a reasonable portion of the cost with the employee. 

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Pro Package

For the employer and employees who want to work together and develop a stronger workforce.

The employer helps subsidise, but the onus is on the employees to drive the program. 



VIP Package 

Driven by a group of employees. 

Sometimes the Wolf Pack need to rise up. If you have a group of workmates who would love to train together, this is for you. 

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Fast Track

Fast Track your progress with a 12 week challenge. 

We have had enourmous success with our challenges, so this is a great option kick-start your journey 


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