Our Core Values

Being a positive influence on those around you and inspire others through passion


Commitment to Quality & Excellence


Honesty & Integrity and show strong moral principles.


Respect and support  If you are able to assist with a situation, it is your duty to provide that support.   

"Great facility, people and workouts" 


Mick & Sam

We are passionate about people, and helping them achieve their goals, whether that’s to be able to run around with your kids, be able to see your grandchildren grow up, or make the national team of your chosen sport. We want to work with you by creating a place which caters for almost every aspect of your health and well-being with people you can trust. If you don’t love your life, then we are here to help you change it.

We have brought what we feel are the best aspects of different training methodologies to our clients. We see the value in many different training techniques such as High Intensity Training, Functional Training, CrossFit ©, Olympic lifting, Gymnastics and Endurance and look to incorporate different elements of these into your training to get the best results for you. 


Our facility is how we like our athletes, humble and unassuming. With 380 square metres to play with, we have created an open area with a pull-up rig and squat stations for group and specialty classes, grass track for sprints and sled work, PT area and warm up area. We also can’t forget the 7m high roof for rope climbs and gymnastic ring work.

We also use fantastic software called WODIFY to register for classes and for tracking all of your workouts, nutrition and progress. This software lets you see your performance, register and sign in for classes, manage your own billing and see what’s coming up at the gym from your phone or computer.