Be a positive influence and lead a new generation of health and performance throughout Australia


Create world class facilities and experiences for more of the population to access regardless of location. To be a home and extended family and the first-place people think of when they want help, guidance or to make a change.


To give others an opportunity to be more than average. To be a positive influence and inspire them to evolve and realise their potential, because we all deserve the chance to live the best life possible.


The Cornerstone is the first block to be placed during any construction. Build the foundation of health wide and strong, and the structure has limitless potential. WHY? Because without your health, you have nothing!


Play with Heart & Spirit – Enter into the spirit and enjoy whatever you’re doing.

It will take what it takes – It is our DUTY to help achieve the outcome with the highest quality and excellence. There is no room for second place.

Care-factor 10 – It’s about the little things. Your goals are ours and we care deeply about you, your family and your lives.

Be part of the team (Be an Uso) – Collaborate, learn, teach, respect, support, never assume and play as part of the team to achieve our collective goals. We at all times hold each other accountable with honesty and integrity.


We will be the first on-board to help you achieve your goal, and the last to give up. We pay attention to the detail and always strive to provide the absolute best. We play the long game, so ensure you have the right foundations from which you can build and achieve your potential.  Our promise is to give you opportunities, knowledge and to use everything we have learnt to inspire you to reach your potential. We will not rest until we have exhausted all possibilities to deliver you the results you came to us to achieve.


We understand there are a lot of health experts and information out there, and it can be a lonely road. Unlike big gyms which are run like a machine, with no personal touch or care factor, what distinguishes us from most other gyms is that we are not really a gym.

We are a home, with a family who welcomes you with heart, that focuses on knowing who you are, what you’re trying to achieve, with a long-term view of health and performance in mind.

We view the world a little differently. We treat athletes like humans, and humans like athletes, because without health, there is no performance, and we should all be striving to achieve our potential. We refuse to be average.

We work collectively to build you from the Cornerstone to the tip of the pyramid. We guide you with a high degree of quality, excellence and care, determined to obtain what was once thought impossible, until it becomes your reality.

"Great facility, people and workouts" 

From Mick & Sam

We are passionate about people, and helping them achieve their goals, whether that’s to be able to run around with your kids, be able to see your grandchildren grow up, or make the national team of your chosen sport. We want to work with you by creating a place which caters for almost every aspect of your health and well-being with people you can trust. If you don’t love your life, then we are here to help you change it.

We have brought what we feel are the best aspects of different training methodologies to our clients and look to incorporate different elements of these into your training to get the best results for you. 


The Facility

Our facility is how we like our athletes, humble and unassuming.

It's a big space, so we can cater for just about anything from 1-on-1 to multiple teams training at the same time. We have an epic outdoor space for training, including a tramp for well, having fun.. 

It has been custom built for athletes and the general population to be able to train with high quality equipment, with high level coaching in an awesome community.

It may seem a little intimidating if you haven't set foot in a place like this before, but you will soon feel right at home. 

There is nowhere like this space we have seen.